a monarchy in northwestern Europe occupying most of the British Isles; divided into England and Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland; `Great Britain' is often used loosely to refer to the United Kingdom (Freq. 2)
Derivationally related forms: ↑Britannic
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potted, ↑fly, ↑pawky, ↑dinky, ↑dishy, ↑non-U, ↑u, ↑starkers, ↑boss-eyed, ↑canty, ↑common or garden, ↑groovy, ↑swagger, ↑gammy, ↑all-mains, ↑niffy, ↑swingeing, ↑shirty, ↑snorty, ↑po-faced, ↑peckish, ↑dicky, ↑dickey, ↑potty, ↑whacking, ↑long-dated, ↑short-dated, ↑takeout, ↑take-away, ↑red-brick, ↑redbrick, ↑grotty, ↑post-free, ↑buckshee, ↑made-up, ↑chuffed, ↑jumped-up, ↑toffee-nosed, ↑major, ↑minor, ↑billion, ↑trillion, ↑tod, ↑bloody-minded, ↑cantankerous, ↑bolshy, ↑stroppy, ↑capital, ↑spiffing, ↑top-flight, ↑top-hole, ↑topping, ↑ropey, ↑ropy, ↑gobsmacked, ↑jiggered, ↑buttoned-up, ↑Brummagem, ↑ratable, ↑rateable, ↑unratable, ↑knackered, ↑drained, ↑whacked, ↑manky, ↑tinpot, ↑fuggy, ↑clapped out, ↑ballup, ↑balls-up, ↑cockup, ↑mess-up, ↑clanger, ↑clawback, ↑lucky dip, ↑flit, ↑rustication, ↑perambulation, ↑fare-stage, ↑pony-trekking, ↑rugby, ↑rugby football, ↑rugger, ↑fives, ↑bagatelle, ↑bar billiards, ↑tombola, ↑ludo, ↑shovel board, ↑shove-halfpenny, ↑shove-ha'penny, ↑piss-up, ↑rag, 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estate, ↑Lords Temporal, ↑third estate, ↑Commons, ↑admass, ↑limited company, ↑Ltd., ↑Ld., ↑slate club, ↑skiffle group, ↑gaudy, ↑beanfeast, ↑Liberal Democrat Party, ↑direct-grant school, ↑training college, ↑Open University, ↑privy council, ↑works council, ↑parliament, ↑conservancy, ↑select committee, ↑Central Intelligence Machinery, ↑CIM, ↑Special Air Service, ↑SAS, ↑Secret Intelligence Service, ↑MI, ↑Military Intelligence Section 6, ↑Security Service, ↑Military Intelligence Section 5, ↑admiralty, ↑county council, ↑British Cabinet, ↑shadow cabinet, ↑High Commission, ↑public school, ↑terrace, ↑spinney, ↑rave-up, ↑local authority, ↑heath, ↑heathland, ↑subtopia, ↑county, ↑county town, ↑shire town, ↑housing estate, ↑stockbroker belt, ↑shire, ↑no-go area, ↑pitch, ↑new town, ↑outport, ↑weald, ↑Great Britain, ↑GB, ↑Home Counties, ↑dale, ↑mere, ↑Anglo-Saxon, ↑backbencher, ↑beadle, ↑berk, ↑boffin, ↑chancellor, ↑Chief Constable, ↑clever Dick, ↑clever clogs, ↑coiner, ↑Colonel Blimp, ↑Blimp, ↑commissionaire, ↑constable, ↑police constable, ↑convener, ↑crossbencher, ↑Esquire, ↑Esq, ↑fire watcher, ↑frontbencher, ↑fruiterer, ↑greengrocer, ↑guvnor, ↑home help, ↑Hooray Henry, ↑inquiry agent, ↑intern, ↑interne, ↑houseman, ↑medical intern, ↑invigilator, ↑justiciar, ↑justiciary, ↑kerb crawler, ↑Lady, ↑noblewoman, ↑peeress, ↑land agent, ↑linendraper, ↑lollipop lady, ↑lollipop woman, ↑Lord Chancellor, ↑Lord High Chancellor, ↑mate, ↑mercer, ↑mod, ↑muffin man, ↑nan, ↑nark, ↑copper's nark, ↑newsreader, ↑news reader, ↑office-bearer, ↑outfitter, ↑parliamentary agent, ↑patrial, ↑peer, ↑peer of the realm, ↑placeman, ↑placeseeker, ↑pointsman, ↑ponce, ↑pork butcher, ↑potboy, ↑potman, ↑preceptor, ↑don, ↑publican, ↑tavern keeper, ↑question master, ↑quizmaster, ↑ranker, ↑ratepayer, ↑recorder, ↑redcap, ↑remover, ↑returning officer, ↑rocker, ↑sandboy, ↑scrimshanker, ↑scrutineer, ↑canvasser, ↑settler, ↑Sir, ↑sixth-former, ↑skivvy, ↑slavey, ↑slopseller, ↑slop-seller, ↑smallholder, ↑sod, ↑spiv, ↑sprog, ↑squire, ↑stipendiary, ↑stipendiary magistrate, ↑stockjobber, ↑stone breaker, ↑sublieutenant, ↑suffragette, ↑supergrass, ↑grass, ↑supremo, ↑tallyman, ↑tearaway, ↑Ted, ↑Teddy boy, ↑Thatcherite, ↑tout, ↑ticket tout, ↑townee, ↑valuer, ↑victualer, ↑victualler, ↑wally, ↑wog, ↑Wykehamist, ↑knock-on effect, ↑medium wave, ↑pot plant, ↑ratables, ↑rateables, ↑smallholding, ↑Crown land, ↑rent-rebate, ↑peppercorn rent, ↑hire-purchase, ↑never-never, ↑sick benefit, ↑sickness benefit, ↑Christmas box, ↑council tax, ↑rates, ↑poor rates, ↑base rate, ↑refresher, ↑water-rate, ↑assurance, ↑giro account, ↑current account, ↑giro, ↑giro cheque, ↑tenpence, ↑threepence, ↑sixpence, ↑tanner, ↑Maundy money, ↑divvy, ↑carry-over, ↑carry-forward, ↑Premium Bond, ↑Civil List, ↑last, ↑quarter, ↑inch, ↑in, ↑perch, ↑rod, ↑pole, ↑stone, ↑bugger all, ↑fuck all, ↑sweet Fanny Adams, ↑milliard, ↑one million million, ↑1000000000000, ↑one million million million, ↑quadrillion, ↑top-up, ↑poverty trap, ↑crick, ↑kink, ↑rick, ↑wrick, ↑dog's breakfast, ↑dog's dinner, ↑appro, ↑hard cheese, ↑fug, ↑ratability, ↑rateability, ↑town gas, ↑derv, ↑clunch, ↑surgical spirit, ↑half-term, ↑vac, ↑November 5, ↑Guy Fawkes Day, ↑sell-by date, ↑quarter day, ↑guest night, ↑rag week, ↑rag day, ↑Boxing Day, ↑Remembrance Day, ↑Remembrance Sunday, ↑Poppy Day, ↑speech day, ↑year dot, ↑kip, ↑question time, ↑judder, ↑shake, ↑scrimshank
Instance Hypernyms: ↑kingdom
Hyponyms: ↑Blighty
Member Holonyms:
Part Holonyms: ↑British Isles
Part Meronyms: ↑England, ↑Northern Ireland, ↑Scotland, ↑Wales, ↑Cymru, ↑Cambria

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